Weekly Roundup (Feb 6)

A roundup of interesting posts from the western region of the blogosphere:

There are a number of interesting activities associated with the Oscar Micheaux conference at Columbia University this week, including a screening of a work in progress by Lisa Collins, Oscar’s Comeback, a nonfiction short feature about the annual Oscar Micheaux Book and Film Festival in Gregory, South Dakota.  The James Agee Cinema Circle blog has more information on this new film.

From the blog of songwriter Tom Russell, a post about his new album and about scouting locations for a new film about the West, California Bloodlines.

As part of a continuing list of Ten Westerns You Must Read, Tainted Archive has just posted #4.

At Western Fiction Review, there’s an interview with western author Jory Sherman.

And finally, in keeping with this weekend’s Grammy Awards and with the theme of western music, an interview with southwestern band Calexico about their new album Carried to Dust (well, new to me anyway, as I just bought it last week).

Please email any links and suggestions you might have for the Weekly Roundup to westernlitblog@gmail.com

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