Weekly Roundup (Western Food Blogs)

I’ve been thinking lately that the real growth industry on the internet is blogs about food and cooking. People post recipes, step-by-step photographs of dishes in the making, and describe in sumptuous detail the results of their cooking experiences.

The most recent sensation in food blogging also has a western connection, the Kansas-City based BBQ Addicts blog. At the request of a group of bacon bloggers (food blogging is highly specialized), they posted what they described as the ultimate barbecue bacon recipe, which they dubbed the Bacon Explosion. I’ll go no further than to say that it involves two pounds of bacon and two pounds of sausage. The New York Times reported last month that nearly 400,000 viewers had visited the recipe, and 16,000 websites and blogs had linked to it. The finished product is certainly a sight to behold. I’m not sure I find it exactly appetizing, but it is astonishing.

Another good western-oriented food blog is The Homesick Texan, on which the most recent post is titled Saved by Red Beans and Rice. The recipes here are generally for much healthier fare than the Bacon Explosion, and the commentary from The Homesick Texan is entertaining.

I’ll end with a few more stops on a trip around the West via food blogs:

From Seattle, The Accidental Hedonist

From San Francisco, In Praise of Sardines

From Salt Lake City, Kalyn’s Kitchen

From Honolulu, One Kine Grindz, which also has a nice list of other Hawaii food blogs.

From Colorado, Culinary Colorado

From Albuquerque, Gil’s Thrilling (And Filling Blog)


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