Visual Evidence of Lunch at the Swedish Diner

Sue Maher described our lunch event at the Swedish diner in Chicago. Here are some visuals to accompany her description:

We started out with huge sweet rolls, served atop slices of homemade bread


White sausage, Swedish meatballs, roast duck with lingonberry sauce, pickled cabbage with with caraway



We ate in the upstairs dining room, where the walls were covered with Swedish folk art

(there’s Margaret Doane at the very left hand edge of the picture. Sorry to cut you off, Margaret!)

We also had salad, coffee, strawberries and fudgy brownies. I was too overwhelmed to document the entire event. The staff did a great job getting our group of 55 in and out of the restaurant; we were running late when we arrived and had to make it back to the conference site for a plenary session.


3 Responses to “Visual Evidence of Lunch at the Swedish Diner”

  1. westlitblogger Says:

    Is the synchronized raising of the hands a Swedish culinary ritual?

    Those sweet rolls look particularly good.

  2. knitredsox Says:

    It would be better if I could say yes! I believe the raised hands indicate the potential recipients of the vegetarian platter … I wish I’d taken a picture of those, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger salad.

  3. Deborah Hirsch-Bezanis Says:

    You were in my very neighborhood there, by Anne Sathers, but I am in Colorado for the summer. Hope you enjoyed the Midwest.

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