Failed Westerns: Trending Topic

A trending topic on Twitter these past couple of days has been Failed Westerns, where, basically, people tweet parody titles of famous westerns. So, rather than Gunsmoke, we might have had the failed title Incensesmoke; rather than Have Gun, Will Travel, we might have Have Guppy, Will Travel; rather than My Darling Clementine, we might have My Darling Chlamydia. Well, you get the picture. Below is a sample of tweeted titles (if you are on twitter, just search #failedwesterns for the thousands of tweeted titles out there):

LehmannPhoto Raw Hide & Seek

LehmannPhotoThe Mime Josey Wales

Boas72 Hang ‘Em High…A Little Higher…Higher…Now A Little To The Left

elaineewing Pasty Rider, Rooster Cockburn, Two Tools For Sister Sara, Jeremia’s Johnson

The Good, the Bad, and The Mildly Unattractive But Nothing A Few Whiskeys Can’t Fix. #failedwesterns by LocoOnSoco
Matthew 3:10 to Yuma #failedwesterns by PonderPatron

From multiple tweets:

High Plains Dry Cleaner

High Plains Hipster

High Plains Snifter

High Plains Tea

High Plains Musical

There’s a whole (everchanging) list of tweeted failed westerns available as well. Click here for the The Best Failed Westerns List.

There’s a lot of repetition of names (e.g., Pasty Rider), and I figure that the readers of the WLA Blog could do better–if only because we actually know more westerns than the few that keep getting repeated. Feel free to use the comment link to post your own Fail Westerns.

4 thoughts on “Failed Westerns: Trending Topic”

  1. True Malt-O-Meal
    26 and 1/2 Men
    Ebony Saddle
    Cinnamon City
    Brave Haliaeetus leucocephalus
    Have Business Card, Will Travel
    Tales of American Express
    The Fidgety Gun
    Blackjack Ketchup, Desperado
    5 Card Texas Hold’em

  2. The Mild Bunch
    A Fistful of (Celluloid) Collars
    El Dorito
    Butch and Hotpants: The Burlesque Days
    The Mediocre Seven
    Foodfight at the Golden Corral

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