Little Mosque on the Prairie

Has anyone else been watching this Canadian sitcom? Set in the small town of Mercy, Saskatchewan, and partially filmed on location in the province, Little Mosque on the Prairie may be the only comic “western” currently on the air. The title playfully evokes Laura Ingall Wilder’s series of frontier narratives, and, although the setting is contemporary, Little Mosque emphasizes its small town in the prairies location as well as a sense of the frontier as a meeting point between different cultures, a first contact of sorts between Muslims and Christians. The meeting point is not only the town of Mercy but also Mercy Anglican, which houses the mosque as well as the church.

I’ve been reading about the series for a number of years, but I’ve just now started watching it, starting with the current season (the show’s fourth). There’s a new sheriff in town, or, rather, a new priest, Rev. Thorne, for whom Amaar (the sitcom’s central character and the Imam of the mosque) is quite simply “the enemy.”

It’s always difficult to pick up a series in the middle of its run, but the arrival of Rev. Thorne (replacing his predecessor, the more Muslim-friendly Rev. Magee) makes season four a fairly good place to start, and the first episode of the season was very amusing, and Rev. Thorne nicely oily as a comic foil.

Seasons one and two are currently available on DVD.

For more information, see the Little Mosque on the Prairie section of the CBC website.


One Response to “Little Mosque on the Prairie”

  1. Ed. Anton Says:

    We did enjoy the very Beginning or the original series, but now with the new minister – not so much – too much criticism and sarcasm for me. Please bring back the comedy or the original minister – now he was good.

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