Justified New Episode “Blowback”

F/X’s new series Justified continues to be an entertaining cop show, even though it has been downplaying its western elements since last month’s Raylan Goes to California episode. In “Blowback,” which aired last week, Raylan has to defuse a hostage situation inside the Marshall’s Office, which he does, with the aid of take-away fried chicken (extra spicy) and a glass of bourbon (just in case we’ve forgotten the show is set in Kentucky). For western fans, the highlight of the episode is the casting of W. Earl Brown as the convict causing all the problems in the Marshall’s office. Brown played Dan Dority in Deadwood, Al Swearengen’s henchmen (handy with a knife), and one of the pleasures of the episode is seeing Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan facing off with Brown’s shiv-wielding Wallace, reminiscent of the occasional exchanges on Deadwood between Seth Bullock and Dority.


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