Justified The Hammer

The F/X series Justified continues to provide a good substitute for the Deadwood reunion we’re all longing for but are unlikely to get. In the recent episode, “The Hammer” (the nickname of a Federal Judge that Raylan is protecting), the former-Deadwood-actor guest star came in the person of Sean Bridgers, aka Al’s henchmen Johnny Burns—playing a character named Virgil who has his issues with the Judge. Any guesses as to which Deadwood actor will appear next on Justified?


3 Responses to “Justified The Hammer”

  1. desertpam Says:

    I think “The Hammer” also crossed in interesting ways into Breaking Bad’s territory. In the episode, Boyd Crowder blows up a trailer that’s been operating as a meth lab. Boyd is freshly out of jail. He was released because of Raylan’s involvement with Ava Crowder. At the start of the episode, Boyd promises Raylan that he won’t blow up banks anymore. He doesn’t. But by blowing up the meth site Boyd makes a bid to regain control of Harlan County’s crime, the same goals at play within Breaking Bad. Those who can control the production of meth hold the power. When the explosion goes off Boyd softly says “Fire in the Hole,” an echo of the first episode and the Elmore Leonard short story that inspired the show.

    Jesse would operate most effectively within Justified’s world. Walt would be an outsider, just like Raylan.

    I really enjoyed the scene where Raylan addresses Boyd’s “congregation.” It was a skilled mix of humor, the role of faith in the backwoods of Kentucky, and heightened Raylan’s battle with Boyd.

  2. Richard Says:

    Who makes the black tie with the three white lines Raylan was wearing on 5/15/10. Any help

  3. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    I’m not sure where to go for a source on Raylan’s clothing. Entertainment Weekly sometimes has a column on clothing worn in movies and on television.

    Yes, Pam, the meth lab plot provides all sorts of crossover potential between Justified and Breaking Bad. If only Los Pollos Hermanos would try to break into Kentucky’s fried chicken fast food franchise market!

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