Sammy Davis, Jr., Fast Draw Demonstration

I’ve been looking back recently at “golden age” television westerns, particularly at how they began to incorporate African Americans into their stories in the late 1950s and into the 1960s. Sammy Davis, Jr., appeared with some frequency as a guest star in several western series, including Zane Grey Theater, The Rifleman, and Wild Wild West.  And I came across this clip  in which Davis demonstrates his skills with a revolver.


3 Responses to “Sammy Davis, Jr., Fast Draw Demonstration”

  1. waymon samuel Says:

    He could do it all, one of the greatest all around in the business.

  2. Miner Crosby Says:

    Sammy was a great actor,singer,dancer, and all around entertainer. But to me personally he was one of the best friends of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. His best friend was and is one of the greatest comedians the world has ever known. Jerry Lewis could call on him every year and he would not hesitate to be on the telethon. Sammy was a great humanitarian. We will always miss seeing Sammy’s big smile. Sammy made a western about the first african american U.S. marshall. Does anyone know the title of this movie? I would love to own a copy of this movie. My email address is Thank you Sammy you will always be my favorite entertainer of all time.

  3. yourpowerfullife Says:

    Nice blog! My mom was an entertainer and spoke highly about Sammy Davis Jr. performing at the “Latin Casino” with her. Then as fate would have it, years later, my sister and I (Alberici Sisters) met him and “hung-out” with him a bit. We talk about our times with Sammy and other celebrity Icons like his “pallies” Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra in our book, “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams” selling on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. My sister, Linda Eichberg and I wrote this book as passion of love for a time of entertainment that will sadly never come again.
    Best Wishes, Maria Lauren

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