CFP: Diesis

Summer 2010 Introductory Issue of Diesis: Footnotes on Literary Identities Article Submission Deadline: July 19th

Open Call for Articles

The editorial board of Diesis: Footnotes Literary Identities welcomes submissions for our introductory issue. A diesis (or double dagger) is a typographical symbol that indicates a footnote or point of reference within a written work.  Diesis seeks to act as a point of reference in the study of the maturation and diversity of socially and biologically constructed performances of identity through a variety of critical lenses. Essays that explore authorial, literary, and socio-political identities across time, space, and genre are particularly encouraged.

Our introductory issue is open to all topics involving the study of identity in literature either written in or translated into English.  While our primary focus is on literature, we welcome interdisciplinary and film criticism submissions.  First time submitters are particularly encouraged.

Please send manuscripts electronically to the Diesis editorial board at with “Submission for Introductory Issue” as the subject line.

For submission, articles should conform to current MLA guidelines and be in a Word document format (.doc). All articles should be written in endnote format.  Lines should be double spaced, including notes and quotations, and in 12 point Times New Roman with 1 inch margins.  Pages should be numbered consecutively and should include a short title in the header.

To facilitate blind review, please do not include any identifying information in your article. Instead, provide your name, institution, and a brief biographical note in the body of your email. You must also confirm that your article has not been published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Further information concerning submissions to Diesis: Footnotes Literary Identities can be found at  For any questions, please contact the Diesis editorial board at


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