New Mabel Dodge Luhan Blog

There’s an interesting new blog that has just gone online. From Karen Young:

Responding to an ongoing conversation here at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House regarding Taos and its draw for strong women like Mabel and many of her guests, we have created a blog site “Mabel and the Remarkable Women of Taos.”

The site was launched last Saturday and is already creating a stir of interest and comments. You can find us at

With Mabel Dodge Luhan as a focal point, we will profile her and other remarkable women in her circle and time; delve into stories of women who arrived before Mabel, like Francisca Quijosa who received a Spanish land grant in Taos in 1715; introduce contemporary women of Taos; inform blog visitors about happenings at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House and throughout the Taos community that link with issues congruent with Mabel’s life, idea, and activities.

One of the exciting bits of synchronicity stimulated by the blog is that Taos will be naming 2012 as the “Year of the Remarkable Women.” Celebrations during the year will include workshops, exhibitions, lectures, theater and many other events…our moderator, Liz Cunningham, will keep you aware of the planned happenings on the blog.

Karen Young
Consulting Director


3 Responses to “New Mabel Dodge Luhan Blog”

  1. LEnzel Says:

    Great idea! I’ll be staying there in October and can hardly wait!

  2. Molly Pandorf Says:

    I am visiting with my family at the end of September and I am looking so forward to staying at the house, experiencing the aura and meeting new people.

  3. Vicki Vaughan Says:

    I recently stayed on the property and was inspired beyond my expectations. I loved the quiet, sunrises and sunsets, and of course reading about the history surrounding the house and its extended property. Mabel was a controversial figure during her time, but one cannot deny her influence on the area’s art scene. The blog is a great idea for keeping us informed and intrigued!

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