Cowboy Love (CFP)

This looks like a fun panel. Who is your favorite cowboy couple?

Call for Papers
‘Cowboy Love ‘
2010 Film & History Conference: Representations of Love in Film and
November 11-14, 2010
Hyatt Regency Milwaukee

AREA: Cowboy Love

Is love on the frontier the stuff of social and spiritual transcendence,
as the Women’s Temperance League insists in John Ford’s town of Tonto, or
is it merely a matter of lust in the dust? Long before the release of
Brokeback Mountain (2005), Cowboy Love was a complicated, and often
conflicted, subject in Western film. Cowboys who would never run from a
fight often run from love, and for good reason: Love in Western films
often demands settling down — the taming of the frontier spirit — making
it one of the most hazardous activities in the Wild West.

This area, comprising multiple panels, welcomes papers and panel proposals
that investigate any aspect of the torturous and titillating subject of
Cowboy Love. Possibilities include, but are not limited to, the following

Classic cowboy couples (Marshal Dillon & Miss Kitty; Roy Rogers &
Dale Evans)
More Than Just Saddle Pals (Brokeback Mountain, Red River)
Interracial Romance (My Darling Clementine, Northwest Mounted
John Wayne’s Women (Stagecoach, Rio Bravo, Rooster Cogburn and the
Love and the Lawman (High Noon, My Darling Clementine, Unforgiven)
Domesticating the Cowboy (The Magnificent Seven, The Cowboys)
Cowgirls Get Their Man (Cat Ballou, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, True
Grit, 40 Guns)

Please send your 200-word proposal by e-mail to the area chair:

Dr. Sue Matheson
University College of the North
The Pas, Manitoba
Canada (email submissions preferred)


One Response to “Cowboy Love (CFP)”

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    Favorite cowboy couple: Roy Rogers and Trigger?

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