Sons of Anarchy: Caregiver

The family troubles continue in the most recent episode of Sons of Anarchy, Caregiver. The episode is named for the caregiver of  Nat, Gemma’s father. Because Amelia observed Nat’s dementia induced attack on Tig, and realized that the refusal to take Tig to the hospital is suspicious,  Gemma has tied up Amelia the caregiver in a wheelchair in the basement, as she seemed far too interested in the $25,000 price on Gemma’s head. If this sounds a little bit like a plot from a Stephen King book, well, no surprise, as King himself in a cameo role shows up to help Gemma out with her caregiver problem. King looks good in his leathers riding up on a motorcycle. “How’s the drain in that slop sink?” he asks Gemma, and we don’t want to know why. King’s character’s name is Bachman, a reference to King’s own nom de plume.

The gang is dealing with the repercussions of the attack at the funeral. The good folks of Charming are turning a collective cold shoulder to SAMCRO, as they blame the actions of the motorcycle gang for the outbreak of violence.

Also showing up in this episode is Robin Weigert, Deadwood‘s Calamity Jane, which just adds to my hope of a future all-Deadwood-cast episode of either Sons of Anarchy or Justified.


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