Sons of Anarchy: Firinne

Things are going so badly for the SAMCRO boys in Ireland that the most recent episode, “Firinne,” was almost entirely devoid of hugging. In fact, there was only one hug in the entire episode. I did learn one more element of the etiquette of manly hugging. You can give another man a full hug, a tender hug, and you can even give him a kiss, and still be resolute in your own sense of manliness—just so long as the hugging and kissing is a prelude to pushing the other man over the side of a building to his death. Granted, this may never come up in a social situation, but, just in case it does, it’s always good to know that one is prepared with the proper manly etiquette.

Members of the Irish branch of the Sons of Anarchy have betrayed the motorcycle club, leading to the deaths of several members, as two of the most trusted brothers are in cahoots with the nefarious Jimmy. Rather than hugging, we have a scene of torture (“This is some medieval shit,” Bobby comments), and a pretty nifty rooftop gun battle. This ended up being one of the better episodes of the season, as the various betrayals and shifting allegiances made for a quick-paced (and pretty violent) episode. We also seem to be moving toward a resolution to Jackson’s quest for his son, and it looks like that plot may play out in the next episode.


2 Responses to “Sons of Anarchy: Firinne”

  1. nick Says:

    hey, i heard the guys from sons of anarchy are wearing vest that look just like the ones these guys make: I saw someone wearing a ONE vest the other day and it looked pretty good. anyone ever heard of this company? Haven’t seen them around much before. Anyone have any comments on them?

  2. darci Says:

    “Firinne” was a great episode with excellent pacing. I thought the scene at the end when Jax confronted Kellan was especially great – sets up the next episode well, and also really makes you feel conflicted when it comes to Jax’s son’s future. It was perfect that they used “Even While You’re Sleeping” by the Acorn during that scene, the song is so moody and evocative that it fit perefect. (you can watch the scene @

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