Sons of Anarchy “Bainne”

Lots of twists and turns in the story line of Sons of Anarchy this past week. Since the episode “Bainne” was so recent, I’ll be cautious in what I say and try not to spoil too much, but, be aware, if you want to avoid all spoilers, stop reading now!

With the abducted child plot, this season of Sons of Anarchy has reminded me of The Searchers, although not explicitly so, and, ultimately, there’s been too much else going on to make a clear one-to-one correspondence between the two. With the most recent episode, however, we are finally getting on with the search for the missing child, and we find Jax doing some soul-searching, wondering what sort of creature his single-minded effort to rescue his son has made him into.  We learn that the Abel has been adopted rather than abducted, and by a nice Catholic couple rather than by some equivalent of the renegade Scar.  Or, at least, the Irish version Scar has passed on Abel to what seems like a model family.  Is Abel better off with them? As Jax comments, “He’s with a father who didn’t torture and murder a man yesterday.”

“Bainne” also takes us further into Mama Grizzly territory. Once again, Gemma demonstrates that she’s willing to cross lines that the men won’t cross in order to protect her family. She plays King Solomon (I won’t go into anymore detail than that) at the adoption agency to get the address of the couple who have adopted Abel.

Tara also has her own Mama Grizzly moment. In a subplot, she has been abducted, but proves that she has sharp claws of her own.

As the episode ends, the Sons are preparing to leave Ireland, and you would think this would spark a whole series of man hugs, but the only man hug takes place between Gemma and Maureen Ashby. Maureen offers her hand for a shake and possibly as the beginning gesture of a man hug, but Gemma ignores the hand. Even without the clasped hands barrier, it’s still a fairly manly hug, as Gemma grasps her firmly around the shoulders. There are a couple of shoulder taps even. The men don’t do much hugging, in part, because there don’t seem to be any members of the Irish branch of SAMCRO left alive to hug.


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