Billy the Kid Pardon?

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico is in the final days of deciding whether or not grant a pardon to Billy the Kid.

As CNN reports (click on excerpt to go to full article):

Gov. Bill Richardson, called a Billy the Kid buff, is looking at an old promise by another governor, and not the Kid’s cold-blooded reputation, in deciding whether to issue a posthumous pardon, officials said.

“I think he will take the responses into account, particularly the learned responses,” Richardson’s deputy chief of staff, Eric Witt, said Wednesday.

So far, about 220 people are in favor of the pardon, while 180 are against, Witt said.

The website of the Office of the New Mexico Governor provides more detail about the debate and the reason Richardson is considering the pardon (click on excerpt for full article):

Over the past eight years Governor Bill Richardson has received dozens of communiqués regarding a pardon of Henry McCarty, a/k/a Henry Antrim, a/k/a William H. Bonney, a/k/a “Billy the Kid.” These reference the widespread belief that in return for damning testimony which The Kid provided at a later murder trial, a pardon was promised – but never granted – by then-New Mexico Territorial Governor Lew Wallace for earlier actions committed by The Kid during the Lincoln County Wars in New Mexico in the latter half of the 19th century. Specifically this issue revolves around The Kid’s alleged role in the killing of one Sheriff William Brady, a suspected operative of a rival faction during the Wars.

And, just because, Bob Dylan performing “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” (written for Sam Peckinpah’s Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid):


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