True Grit Doing Well at the Box Office

The Coen Brothers adaptation of True Grit is doing well at the box office, earning higher numbers than expected. This also seems to be having an affect on the sales of the novel—at least based on anecdotal evidence. I’ve been trying to buy a copy of the novel to read for the past couple of weeks and have had little luck—it’s been sold out at the places I’ve checked.

Below are excerpts from a couple of articles about the box office success of True Grit (click on excerpt to go to full article):

From the Los Angeles Times:

The 2010 holidays brought big-budget action movies, 3-D family adventures and star-driven comedies, but the season’s only undisputed hit is an old-fashioned, guns-blazing western.

“True Grit” sold a studio-estimated $24.5-million worth of tickets in the U.S. and Canada on its second weekend, just short of the $26.3 million taken in by the more expensive and hyped “Little Fockers.”

From the New York Times:
For the Coens “True Grit” is already a personal best. It has easily surpassed ticket sales for “No Country for Old Men,” their highest-grossing film, which took in $74.3 million after its release by Miramax Films in 2007, and went on to win the best picture Oscar.

Asked if he had any idea why this version of “True Grit” (it was first filmed in 1969) had connected so strongly, Joel Coen, who spoke by telephone on Monday, said, “None at all.”

Joining the conversation a few minutes later, Ethan speculated that, after 15 films, the mass audience had simply stopped avoiding them. “We just outwaited everybody,” he said.

More pragmatically the brothers pointed out that “True Grit,” which received its PG-13 rating despite a heavy body count and graphic language, was more accessible to a younger audience than their R-rated pictures, which include “Fargo” and “A Serious Man.”

A softer rating, Joel said, was integral to their concept of the film, which is about a girl’s fight to avenge her father’s death. “We knew we wanted it to be a movie younger people could watch,” he said.


One Response to “True Grit Doing Well at the Box Office”

  1. Fenimore Says:

    Today on APM’s Marketplace, we learn that it’s the first western to top $100 million at the box office since Unforgiven and Dances with Stereotypes.

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