Thinking About Tucson

I flew out of Arizona Saturday morning after a week of visiting friends in Phoenix, and I figure I was somewhere in the air above Washington, D. C., when in Tucson a young man opened fire on Gabrielle Giffords, John M. Roll, Christina Green, Dorothy Murray, Dorwin Stoddard, Phyllis Schneck, and several others. Over the past year, I’ve been to Arizona several times, to attend the Science Fiction Research Assocation conference in Carefree, to attend the Western Literature Association conference in Prescott, and then, just this past week, to visit friends and enjoying hiking in the mountains around Phoenix.

This morning, I stood in my living room in Maine, observing the national moment of silence, while watching the event on television as it played out, with video from Washington and Tucson, and it felt strange not to be in Arizona. But whatever the geographical distance, my thoughts and prayers remain with my friends and colleagues in Arizona.


2 Responses to “Thinking About Tucson”

  1. desertpam Says:

    As a native Tucsonan and current resident of the city, this tragedy hits especially close to home. In the aftermath of the shooting, some national news stories depict Tucson, my home, as a gun toting, old western kind of place. Tucson is complex, beautiful, and rich in a huge variety of ways. Right now, the city is struggling. However, I hope locally and nationally that people try to think deeply, consider a variety of points of view, and to do so respectfully.

  2. Shelley Says:

    Thank you for that thoughtful post. The comment on people’s perceptions of Tucson applies to my home state of Texas and to much of the West. Perhaps tthe recent tragic events can emphasize that those of us who write about and admire the West need to challenge any glorification of violence.

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