Justified: I of the Storm

Last week on “The Life Inside” Raylan and fellow marshal Tim Gutterson lost a pregnant inmate they were transporting for a pre-natal visit to her doctor, or, more precisely, she escaped with the aid of a couple of friends (although, really they turned out to be not so friendly).

Later in the episode Raylan visits his father Arlo, because he has violated his house arrest because his  wife Helen (Raylan’s aunt) has kicked him out of the house (if only into a camper in the front yard). As he’s leaving, Helen comments to him, “Leave Mags Bennett alone. . . . You’re perfectly aware of that history.” Raylan answers, “what I went down there for concerned the here and now, nothing to do with the past.”

Helen’s response, “That’d be a neat trick, escaping the past,” seems to encapsulate the developing theme of this season (and which was part of the first season as well), which is that Raylan really can’t escape his past, no matter how hard he tries (or doesn’t try—his renewed relationship with his ex-wife Winona being a case in point of not trying to escape the past).

The past continues  to recur in the most recent episode, “I of the Storm.”  Dewey Crowe pops back up, and comments to the supposedly on the straight and narrow Boyd Crowder, “For a guy that’s supposedly changed, you sound a lot like you always did.” Raylan isn’t the only one that can’t escape his past.

In “I of the Storm,” a yellow bus converted to a church bus operates as a cover for a oxycontin smuggling operation. The bus is hi-jacked, shots are fired, a man is killed, the drugs are stolen, the bus abandoned. Dewey Crowe, of course, was in the midst of it, and he assumes (as does everyone else), that Boyd is behind it—especially since Dewey recognized one of the hijackers as a former Boyd henchman.

In a moment of inspiration, Dewey buys a white cowboy hat as a disguise and steals back the drugs, shouting “I’m federal marshal Raylan Givens.” As a subterfuge, it doesn’t work real well.

Jeremy Davies, who played Daniel Faraday on Lost,  is a member of the Bennett clan, the drug-trafficking family that appears to be the primary nemesis of Raylan this season (Brad William Henke, who plays brother Coover Bennett also made appearances on Lost). This is the second season in a row that a Lost actor has played a member of a villainous family on Justified (M. C. Gainey—Lost‘s Mr. Friendly—played patriarch Bo Crowder in season one). If the trend continues, which actor should cross over from Lost for season three of Justified?


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