Justified: Cottonmouth

Last night’s episode of Justified, “Cottonmouth,” crackled with a nice fiery glow, as a number of plot lines developing over the last few episodes paid off, and as Raylan’s and Boyd Crowder’s plots (if not exactly their paths) crossed and played off one another in interesting ways.  Boyd has been roped into helping out on a robbery of the safe at the mine where he works by several of his fellow miners, and he alternates between reluctant compliance and subtle sabotage of the plan. In his own way, Boyd sees to it that justice is done, and like Raylan, he steps outside strict adherance to the rule of law to do so. And wasn’t that Jim Beaver, Deadwood‘s Ellsworth, as the mine supervisor?  In an episode that, except for some nicely framed shots of Raylan’s hat, didn’t have much in the way of western references (oh, yeah, also a nice John-Ford-style framed shot of Raylan through a doorway), the appearance of yet another Deadwood cast member added a little western flavor.

And Mags Bennett in this episode brings a little tough love to one of her straying sons, and when I say she brings the tough love, I mean she brings it with a hammer. Mags is something else.


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