Justified: Blaze of Glory

“Blaze of Glory,” the most recent episode of Justified, begins in the aftermath of the botched robbery at the mine. Boyd and Ava are being questioned by federal marshals, who are dubious about Boyd’s story (even though he’s more or less telling them the truth). The relationship between Ava and Raylan that was at the center of last season has pretty much come to an end. That Boyd and Ava are living together is just one of the many ways that this season of Justified is presenting Raylan and Boyd as kind of doubles, as their stories parallel and crisscross in various ways.

Boyd explains to Raylan that he did what he did to protect the woman he cares for, and he observes, “I seem to recall you being in the same situation with the same woman.”

Raylan’s ex-wife (and not so ex current girlfriend) is having trouble with Gary, her soon to be second ex-husband, who has mortgaged their house in order to buy a race horse. Winona is led into temptation when the guard of the locked evidence area leaves her with a set of keys, and while attempting to store sensitive documents in a metal lockbox, she discovers that the box is already occupied—with a box of cash.

Winona ends up in the middle of bank robbery. In keeping with Justified‘s hallmark of having individualized and interesting criminals,  one of the robbers is an older man who carries  an oxygen tank with him to the robbery—needed because of emphysema. A famous bank robber in his heyday, and just released from prison because of the emphysema, Frank may want to go out in a “blaze of glory.”

And just what did Winona do with that box of cash?

The episode ends with one of the slowest foot chases you’ll ever see, and it is both funny and strangely moving—not a blaze of glory at all.


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