On Friday Night Lights

One of the western telelvison shows that hasn’t received much discussion on WLA Blog thus far is the well-regarded series Friday Night Lights. I’ve posted in below an excerpt from Adrian Matejka’s commentary on Friday Night Lights (posted at the Ploughshares blog). Click on the excerpt to go to the whole article.

In Atlanta last Christmas, I got trapped like Jack Torrance by the first Yuletide snow that city had experienced since Reconstruction. The entire city shut down, and I was unable to leave my in-laws’ house for two days. If that wasn’t difficult enough, I finished watching the Fourth Season of Friday Night Lights while I was there. Those who know how Season Four ends will understand why I’ve been fiending for Season Five. Season Five is also slated to be the last season of the show and that makes me want to do the Charlie Brown walk

Simply put, FNL is the most arresting network television show I can remember. This isn’t hyperbole. The show is an astute character drama that occasionally includes football and fistfights. Because of that, the series confuses the synapses in that good, genre-mashup way. It also has a great soundtrack, the kind that spools the dramatic moments without overwhelming them.


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