In Plain Sight (New Season)

With the concluding episode of Justified having just aired, and Breaking Bad on hiatus until the end of the summer, I was starting to think that I might actually have to venture outside my house and away from the television set for awhile, given the lack of diverting western tv. Fortunately, I can now avoid the harmful rays of the sun for a little while longer, as Mary Shannon has come to the rescue.

Yes, Mary’s back, and Marshall, too, as In Plain Sight has just started its fourth season, with two episodes aired and more to come. When we last saw Mary, she was on a romantic getaway with detective Mike Faber. Apparently, this is not a romantic subplot that will get developed anytime soon, as Faber seems to have returned to his wife (which doesn’t seem to have left Mary too upset). So, as the season begins, there are no romantic rivals to disrupt Marshall and Mary’s partnership, and they are free to wisecrack, insult, and verbally poke at one another. Although, Marshall seems to be dating a police detective (Tess Yates, I think, is the character’s name), and she spends some time with the partners while tracking down a car theft ring.  But, really, Mary’s is at her insulting best with Marshall when she has an audience, especially when Marshall is on good behavior to make an impression on an attractive detective.

But it looks like the romance thus far is revolving around Brandi Shannon and her upcoming wedding. Mary Shannon: Maid of Honor?


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