In Plain Sight: Something A-mish

The most recent episode of In Plain Sight takes Mary and Marshall to Amish country, to Intercourse, Pennsylvania, specifically (and, yes, the expected Intercourse jokes follow).  The episode focuses on an Amish woman named Sarah, who is played by Ashley Johnson (who also plays the pregnant wife of Rosie Larsen’s teacher  in The Killing—important information only in that I spent much of the episode trying to figure out why the actress was so familiar).  Sarah was one of the more sympathetic guest stars (especially in comparison to the run of less than sympathetic witnesses we’ve encountered this season), and Ashley Johnson played her very effectively, suggesting a hidden strength beneath the surface of the character.  Okay, SPOILERS follow, if you haven’t seen the episode. Sarah’s Amish husband turns out not to be the most dedicated of the Amish people, a fact we begin to realize when immediately upon relocation to New Mexico he brings home a 55 inch flat-screen television set. We think he’s just adjusting quickly, but his past history of drug dealing is part of what got his wife into the witness protection program—she witnessed a group of bikers killing another Amish man they had mistaken for her husband.

However, the big news of the episode, other than the fact that Marshall collects first editions of books (okay, not a big surprise there), is that Mary is pregnant, apparently the result of a brief fling she had with her ex-husband in an earlier episode. Mary’s pregnancy reveals itself via her increasingly voracious appetite for pie (okay, that’s a normal Mary characteristic), a distaste for coffee (that’s definitely not a normal Mary characteristic), a bosom that seems to be enlarging (which she complains about throughout), and, yes, occasional throwing up.

Mary’s pregnancy was inspired by the real-life pregnancy of Mary McCormack, the actress that plays Mary Shannon, . . . .

For an interview with Mary McCormack, see Inside TV.


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