The Killing: Beau Soleil

As The Killing moves toward its conclusion (assuming, of course, that the final episode of the season will be conclusive), the penultimate episode, “Beau Soleil,’ provides several revelations. I will mention only a few of them here, as the episode is still airing on AMC. Most importantly, we learn more about the secretive life or Rosie Larsen, which, it is revealed, is a shadow of her aunt Terry Marek’s own secret life.  Terry, Mitch Larsen’s sister, has been working for an escort agency known as Beau Soleil, and, ATM photos and records suggest that Rosie has been following in her aunt’s (expensive) high-heeled footsteps.

A client going by the code name of Orpheus has been acting in a particularly creepy manner, including asking one woman if she ever wondered what it would feel like to drown.  Detectives Linden and Holder suspect that Orpheus is one of Rosie’s clients, and that he is her killer. The question, which seems to have been answered at the end of the episode (and which I won’t spoil her), is who is Orpheus?


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