Bo Diddley’s a Gunslinger

This is an interesting clip from a documentary called The Legend of Bo Diddley (filmed in 1966) on singer Bo Diddley, one of the African American performers who most evokes western themes in his music.

There’s a brief excerpt of the song “Bo Diddley’s a Gunslinger” with shots of Bo dressed as a gunslinger and carrying a pistol.

An excerpt from the lyrics of “Bo Diddley’s a Gunslinger”:

Bo Diddley’s a gunslinger,
Bo Diddley’s a gunslinger,
Yeh, ah-ha,
Yeh, ah-ha,
I’ve got a story I really want to tell,
About Bo Diddley at the O-K corral,
Now, Bo Diddley didn’t stand no mess,
He wore a gun on his hip and a rose on his chest.

And to close out the post, here’s a link to a YouTube clip of life performance of the song (with Bo Diddley and Ron Wood, from 1988):


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