Continuing with In Plain Sight

Season four of In Plain Sight continues to provide entertaining episodes. Mary Shannon, pregnant, has been about as fun as one might expect, particularly her commentary on her own changing body—noting that her enlarged bosom might get her sued by Dolly Parton for silhouette copyright infringement. Other highlights over the last few episodes have been Marshall’s relationship with the computer geek son of a witness in “Kumar vs Kumar,” especially his slow motion robotic high five; car salesman Peter coming up on Mary in undercover mode (dark glasses, shifty movements) to let her know that she needs to stop avoiding her sister Brandi (Mary didn’t want to reveal her pregancy); and the revelation of yet another type of bet between Mary and Marshall, this one requiring them to embrace something they despise for a week (Marshall and hotdogs—who new?)

Any time Mary and Marshall make a bet, I always hope it will end with The Song, the infamous “I’m right / You were wrong. / That’s why I get to sing this song” ditty that Marhsall got to sing this season. I do hope we get to hear The Song again before this season is out.


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