Thirty-Eight Snub

After last week’s violent and shocking start to the season, the second episode was significantly quieter, with the exception of Jesse’s stereo equipment. Jesse throws a three day party to further prevent himself from feeling anything. However, at the end of the episode he sinks down in front of the sound system, a moment that symbolizes the frustration of the episode.

The first scene in “Thirty-Eight Snub” is explicitly western or perhaps shows the moments usually silenced in westerns. You never see Clint Eastwood awkwardly picking out a gun and practicing his quick draw in the kitchen. Walt’s gun guru tells him that a leather holster would be more authentic and reminds him that “This is the West.” People have a right to defend themselves. By the end of the episode, Mike easily spots the gun that Walt is trying so hard to conceal.

Hank is perhaps the most frustrated of all the characters. He methodically collects minerals and scrutinizes them, worrying if one is accidently fractured on delivery. From the previews for next week’s episode, it appears that Hank will have something more to focus on than minerals, never call them rocks.


One Response to “Thirty-Eight Snub”

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    Adding to the westerness of the opening scene is Jim Beaver as the gun dealer–Beaver was a Deadwood regular, and has been a guest star in nearly everything (including Justified). The “showdown” in the “saloon” between Mike and Walter was also very western in its setting and in it’s shot selection. At least, Walt thinks it’s a showdown, but, as Pam notes, the supposedly hidden gun is easily spotted, and Mike beats the crap out of Walt before he leaves–so much for Walt’s quickdraw. He’s not even able to make a move for the gun, much less draw it, before Mike puts him on the floor.

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