The Irish West

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Eamonn Wall, the Smurfit-Stone Corporation Endowed Professor in Irish Studies at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, noticed a resemblance in the artistic landscape of the writers and filmmakers of the American West and Irish West. He compares the two regions in his latest book, “Writing the Irish West: Ecologies and Traditions.”

Wall, whose academic home is the Department of English, is the author of five collections of poetry and a book of essays. For “Writing for the Irish West,” he has taken note of the wealth of creative work that has emerged in recent decades from the West in Ireland: the fiction of John McGahern, the plays and films of Martin McDonagh, Tim Robinson’s maps and place studies, the work of Richard Murphy; and the poetry of Mary O’Malley, Moya Cannon and Sean Lysaght.

Wall’s approach for “Writing for the Irish West” was to explore how the Irish artists’ region shaped the visions of their work and how it compares to their American West counterparts.

UMSL News talked with Wall about his new book, his own Irish roots and ecocriticism.

How is “Writing the Irish West


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