Bullet Points

This episode opens with a great action sequence. Mike escapes a hail of gun fire as two men shoot up a Los Pollos Hermanos truck. He dispatches the men with ease as soon as the doors of the truck start to swing open. The sequence ends with him fingering the bleeding top half of his ear. Mike is the greatest gunman in the show.

One of the episode’s best moments occurs between Walt and Skyler as they rehearse for their dinner at Hank and Marie’s. Skyler wakes up in the middle of the night and makes a couple of notes on her yellow notepad for the script she is writing. The scene is great because you see Walt and Skyler discussing the real issues in their relationship even as they concoct an elaborate story of Walt’s gambling prowess and addiction. They discuss the shame Skyler thinks Walt should feel, Skyler sleeping with her boss last season, and the risks Walt is taking. Later in the episode, Walt vents to Saul about how Skyler wants to see Walt just going off to work in a nice, safe lab and she wants to believe he will just be able to walk away. Saul talks about a man who can make people disappear.

In this episode, we also get to see Hank and Walt connecting. The most interesting moment occurs when they are looking at the Lab Notes together and Hank mentions a dedication to W.W. Walt explains it as being just a Walt Whitman quotation. However, I think that Gale was also thinking of Walter White, a chemist he admired greatly. The music video of Gale is Breaking Bad again showing its great humorous side.

The camera work is also consistently strong. There’s a moment when Walter, Skyler, Walt Jr., and baby Holly are all about to go into Hank and Marie’s house and the camera just shows their shadows, a dark moment before they enter the house.


One Response to “Bullet Points”

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    The shootout has a great western moment, shades of John Ford, when the attackers open up the doors of the Los Pollos Hermanos truck, and we see the desert landscape behind them, framed by the opening at the back of the truck.

    The juxtaposition of humor and horror is certainly a hallmark of the series–the way that silly cartoon chicken (the Los Pollos Hermanos) looks over the scene of violence and death at the truck, and even Gale’s video, as Walter’s face registers the guilt of having caused Gale’s death, while Hank and Walt, Jr., laugh at the video. And as Gale sings “Major Tom,” are the lyrics flashing across the screen of his video translating the song into Klingon?

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