The main narrative of this episode features Mike taking Jesse on a road trip. Jesse assumes he will likely be buried in a desert hole. He grips his car keys, his only weapon. Suspense builds as Mike pulls into a classic western scene: a ramshackle corral, a creaking windmill, and endless desert with nobody in sight. The camera pans across the scenery. Mike grabs a shovel from the back of his car, but instead of killing Jesse, he digs up money. He does this at six different locations. Near the end of their trip, Jesse starts to perceive himself as a guard who saved the money from shotgun armed robbers. The audience finds out that Jesse has been set up by Gus. We still don’t know the full plan.

There’s also a great dinner scene between Hank and Walt. Hank talks about how Gale was a true genius and Walt can’t stand to have Gale be thought of as Heisenburg. Walt tells Hank that the real Heisenburg could still be out there. Gale was just a student.


One Response to “Shotgun”

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    Favorite line: “Why would a vegan have fried chicken?” Walt’s arrogance (and too much) gets the better of him in this episode. Hank seems to have been convinced that Gale was Heisenberg, and Walt ends up getting him interested in the case again. And Hank has indeed discovered a clue, a “Los Pollos Hermanos” napkin with a phone number on it. Walt was just about safe from discovery, at least discovery by his brother-in-law, but he shot himself in the foot here.

    I also like that Jesse finally exclaimed that Mike was trying to bore him to death (and Mike seemed to be on the verge of being annoyed to death by Jesse). I’m not entirely sure about Gus’s motives in setting up Jesse to be a “hero.” Perhaps he wants to pull Jesse from his self-destructive path (not out of any altruism, but because Jesse’s carelessness endangers the business), but I wonder if the longer game is to try to set Jesse and Walt at odds. If Jesse begins working with Mike as well as with Walt, maybe that damages the Walt / Jesse “partnership,” and maybe Jesse’s “heroism” makes him more likely to go against Walt.

    The other interesting development was the “reconciliation” of Walt and Skyler, in what has to be one of the least sexiest scenes of reunion sex ever filmed (especially since parts of it were filmed through the distortion of the lenses of Walt’s glasses on the bedstand). After, Walt seems even more disgruntled and unhappy than he was before.

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