This episode further complicates the dynamics between Walt and Skyler. After Walt’s decision to tell Hank that the real Heisenburg may still be at large, Skyler begins to figure out his involvement in Gale’s murder. Only she believes he is at risk. Walt tells her in one of the more explosive moments that it’s him that knocks at people’s doors. He should be feared. When Walt goes to get the keys to the car wash, he refuses to allow Bogdon to take the framed dollar bill, that represents the business’s first earnings. Bogdon taunted Walt, asking him rather he could take care of business or if his wife would do the job. Walt busts the frame, takes the dollar bill, and sticks it into a soda machine.

Breaking Bad continues to use western scenery in interesting ways. Skyler goes to the Four Corners Monument and flips a coin. The scene seems to have a spiritual dimension to it. Viewers get a glimpse of an American Indian trading stall as she walks up to the monument. The episode ends with her protecting the family from Walt who is put them at risk by buying an expensive sports car for Walt Jr.


One Response to “Cornered”

  1. westlitblogger Says:

    This was definitely an interesting episode. Walter’s outburst, “I’m not in danger, I AM the danger,” is about the most truthful statement he’s made in the series. Although, the person he seems most dangerous to at the moment is himself. He and Jessie seem to have flipped roles, and it’s now Walter that’s involved in foolish and self-destructive behavior. His comments to Hank are a case in point. Whether as Skylar suggests, he secretly wants to be caught, or whether it’s guilt, or whether it’s arrogance (he doesn’t seem to think much or Hank’s wits, or he doesn’t want his own accomplishments with meth attributed to someone else). I’m not sure, maybe a combination of those factors. That Skylar ends the episode realizing the Walter is the real danger to the family is a major turning point for her character.

    I’m not entirely sure what to make of the scene at the Four Corners Monument. Was Skylar flipping the coin to see if it came up heads or tails? Or was she wanting to see in which state the coin landed? At the end, she seemed to drag the coin with her foot back into New Mexico–and thus making the decision herself rather than letting fate decide. At least, I think that’s what was going on.

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