Problem Dog

“Problem Dog” refers to the emotional scene when Jesse tells his Narcotics Anonymous group about shooting Gale, using the dog as a front. The scene is a great performance by Aaron Paul. The episode starts with Jesse playing a first person shooter game and seeing flashes of Gale’s face on the screen. Walt then asks him to kill Gus and gives him the poison to do it; Jesse rolls the poison into a cigarette. Jesse has the opportunity to carry out the crime, but is unsure if he wants to do it again. One of my favorite shots in the episode is Gus, the ultimate crime boss, sipping the coffee that could have been poisoned. Although in this episode, he’s not really the ultimate crime boss anymore. The cartels want to take over his business.

Hank also leaves mineral collecting behind and makes a trip to Los Pollos Hermanos with Walt, Jr. He successfully gets Gus’s fingerprints and presents his case at the DEA. I enjoyed the moment when Gus asks Walt, Jr. if he’d like to work for him afterschool at the restaurant. A wholesome family business.


One Response to “Problem Dog”

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    And Walt continues to behave like Jessie was earlier this season–mindless distracting and potentially self-destructive activity. When Skylar insists that he return the car he bought Walt, Jr., to the dealer, Walt instead takes it out to an empty parking lot to do doughnuts. While spinning the car around, he crashes it. Then, he takes the paperwork Skylar had given him to take to the dealership, sticks it the gas tank, and sets it on fire. Walt, Jr.s’ sexy red car with only 17 miles on it goes up in flames.

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