This Breaking Bad episode was interesting, because of the way it fleshed out Gus’s backstory. We see Gus and his original cook approach the runners of the Mexican cartel. He gets them interested in the production and marketing of meth instead of cocaine. They can keep all of the profits and be more than a middleman. The old man who warned Tuco with the bell is present for the pitch. In the end, Gus’s partner gets gunned down in front of him, and we see Gus vulnerable for the first time. His partner’s blood pours out into the swimming pool and the camera closes in on the blood blending with the water.


One Response to “Hermanos”

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    I also liked this episode because it shows Hank’s continuing recovery. In a very funny sequence, he brings Walt along with him to Pollos Hermanos, thinking that Walt is an inconspicuous person to plant a bug on Gus’s car, not realizing that there is no one more conspicuous for that task than Walt–especially when Mike pulls up next to them in to parking lot.

    Hank’s cover story for this extralegal activity is that he and Walt are going to a mineral show. As Walt waxes poetic about various minerals he has owned and encountered, Hank interrupts him, “Hey, Walt, there is no rock show.” That Hank, who has insistently corrected anyone who refers to his mineral collection as rocks, now himself refers to a “rock show” is as good an indication as any that he is well on the path to recovery.

    And speaking of recovery, I’m enjoy the slow healing process of Mike’s ear, nicked by a bullet in the first episode. For the first time, we see him without a bandage on the ear–although the black stitches are still visible.

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