This was a pivotal episode in the season. The most significant thing that happened was the apparent severing of Walt and Jesse’s partnership. Walt believes that Jesse has sealed their fate by not killing Gus. Jesse needs Walt’s help because he is being sent to Mexico to teach the cartels how to make blue ice. Walt and Jesse get into a living room brawl. There is also a humorous moment when Walt asks Jesse for a day in his life and Jesse says that he watches Ice Road Truckers. Walt asks what the show is and Jesse gives a nice sarcastic reply. It’s about truckers who drive on ice.

Perhaps, the best part of the episode was Skylar’s bid to keep the IRS from finding out about the extend that Ted’s books are cooked. She needs to prevent this to keep herself out of trouble. She walks into the audit wearing a low cut shirt, caressing Ted’s thigh, and plays dumb. The IRS agent believes the story, but Ted still has to pay up. She tells him to sell the BMW and then sees what kind of car he’s already driving.

I believe Breaking Bad only has a couple of more episodes left in the season. It’s building towards an exciting finale.


One Response to “Bug”

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    Skylar’s scene was priceless.

    I don’t know if the Walt/Jesse split is part of Gus’s design or just inevitable as Walt in particular has become more and more paranoid, and that paranoia (paired with his continually underestimating Jesse) is to me the primary wedge between the two. I have to say that my sympathies this season have shifted to Jesse.

    And Mike’s ear is finally starting to look a little better, not quite back to normal yet, but getting there!

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