Sons of Anarchy “Booster”

The latest episode of Sons of Anarchy, called “Booster,” begins in the domestic spaces of our three primary couples,  Clay and Jemma, Jax and Tara, Opie and Lyla. In all three cases, the scenes of domestic normalcy are interrupted in some way by the events of the previous episode, the killing of the Russians (during Opie’s wedding). The news of the discovery of the dead bodies appears on the television screen as Jax and Tara have breakfast. Interestingly, Jax tells Tara the complete truth about what happened (after she asks); Opie, when asked the same question by his new bride, does not.

Clay and Jax meet with the Mayans, and, in a shocking turn of events, they exchange firm handshakes rather than man hugs. They also meet a new character named Romeo (played by Danny Trejo, and I’m pretty sure that Romeo don’t text either).

The Mayans want the Sons to help them run cocaine, which is a line the Sons have heretofore not crossed. “You make this move,” Clay is told, “and you kill this club.” Much of the episode involves the different characters debating and responding to Clay’s proposal.

It also turns out that the Russians aren’t completely out of the picture yet. When it comes to dealing with angry Russians, Romeo turns out to be a pretty good partner to have.

Man Hug Tally for the Episode: 3

Man Hug Total for the Season Thus Far: 12


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