Salud (Breaking Bad)

The central action sequence in this episode was exciting and thrilling. Gus’s revenge is contained within a rare bottle of tequila. I loved seeing Jesse truly come into his own, although he does still need Mike’s advice. However, the most fascinating part of the sequence may have been Gus methodically folding his jacket and laying it across the sink before he vomits up the poisonous alcohol. His character is all about restraint even as the murders are also a form of revenge for his dead partner. The camera focuses on the cartel kingpin as he falls into the pool, just like Gus’s friend. I’m really worried for Mike though. I’ve come to care about his character and his recovering ear.

I’m still thinking about Walt’s conversation with Walt Jr. I’m not sure whether to believe Walt or not. Perhaps, he really is opening up now. He calls Walt Jr. Jesse by mistake, showing that he might really care about the person who’s been closest to him throughout the last year.


One Response to “Salud (Breaking Bad)”

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    For me, this was the best episode of the year. The initial conversation between Walt and Walt, Jr., when a beat up Walt breaks down, I believe him. I believe he knows he made a mistake (maybe not the mistake he admits to Walt) with Jesse, and I guess I would point to his calling Walt by Jesse’s name as an indication that he’s be truthful in that exchange, as there was no calculation in that. However, the second conversation, the next day, when Walt is back in control of himself, that one, I don’t believe too much of. When Walt reveals something in a conversation, he often goes back and tries to re-vise it, and seems to have realized that he has revealed something he doesn’t want revealed. Walt, Jr., bless him, is the only adult in the bunch, and I wonder how long he can keep from getting entangled in the mess.

    Every moment of the trip to the Cartel’s hideout was great.

    It was also good to see Carlo Rota as the Cartel’s chemist. He’s been on a lot of television shows lately, often as the guest heavy, but I know him best in his role of Yasir Hamoudi on the Canadian sitcom “Little Mosque on the Prairie.” He also hosts a cooking show in Canada (or did at one point). I hope he has a chance to show his comedy skills to American audiences at some point. No opportunity to be funny in this “Breaking Bad” episode, but he provided a nice foil for Jesse. I loved seeing almost a hint of pride break across Mike’s face as he observed Jesse forcing the Cartel chemist to back down.

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