Sons of Anarchy: Dorylus

In the most recent episode of Sons of Anarchy, Clay and Bobby have a heart to heart over the club’s change in direction (running drugs), and Clay reveals that with both he and Jax hoping to be on the way out, that Bobby would be next in line to lead the club. In the meantime, a truckload of guns was stolen out from under the nose’s of the Sons during a pickup basketball game. This leads to merry motorcycles and car chase down the streets of an inner-city neighborhood. The Sons also seems to be indulging in ethnic stereotyping this season more so than in the past, especially in terms of using “comic” names for ethnic characters, a Native American named Charlie Horse, two African American men whose mother has named them Luther and Vandross.

There was a distinct lack of man hugging in this episode. Perhaps because of internal conflicts over the issue of drug running, the boys just aren’t in a comradely mood. Or maybe there are other reasons. “This guy here,” as Tig comments about one of his fellows, “he’s cracked three of my ribs giving me a hug.” After the rounds of hugging in the first two episodes, maybe the boys are just too sore to do any more hugging.

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