Breaking Bad: Crawl Space

Things continued to unravel for Walt in this episode. In contrast, Jesse returns from Mexico as the replacement cook for Walt, however, Jesse won’t allow Gus to kill Walt. By the end of the episode, Walt begs Saul to help him disappear with a whole new identity. Walt goes into the crawl space under the house where they’ve been storing the money and finds a large chunk of it gone. Skylar has given it to Ted Benecke. Walt screams and then dissolves into almost manical laughter. I love the way the camera frames Walt in this final scene, we saw him become literally hemmed in. He’s completely trapped.

Breaking Bad continues its ability to have humorous moments. In this episode, we saw a great example of physical humor when Ted trips over the carpet and falls to the floor. So much for the A team.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad: Crawl Space”

  1. In a sense, Walt has already disappeared, that is, whatever there was of Walt the Chemistry teacher seems pretty much gone. Nothing is left but his maniacal enjoyment of his own absurd predicament. That whole final sequence seemed very Hitchcockian to me, including that final slow tracking shot up to the ceiling. It’s also kind of like “Psycho,” but it’s Walt rather than Mrs. Bates in the basement (and Norman is no where to be found).

  2. It’s also a kind of inversion of where the season began, with Jessie in Hell. Now, Jessie has Walter’s life (that nice domestic scene where we see him playing games with his girlfriend’s child).

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