Bear at the Missoula Airport

As folks are flying into Missoula for the Western Literature Association conference, best keep an eye out for bears trying to fly out (as repoted in The Missoulian).

A black bear that came knocking forcefully at Missoula International Airport doors early Wednesday was treed, tranquilized and removed to a more ursine-friendly environment.

“Apparently he was looking to fly south for the winter as opposed to hibernating,” airport director Cris Jensen speculated.

Jensen said Wednesday afternoon he learned of the incident via a text message in the middle of the night and hadn’t yet heard all the details. As he understood it, a security guard or someone from the custodial staff at the otherwise empty terminal spotted it near the entrance and turned off the automatic doors to prevent easy entry.

But the bear seemed determined to get inside.

“It sounds like he did run into the glass a couple of times trying to come in,” Jensen said.


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