Sons of Anarchy: Una Venta

In the most recent episode of Sons of Anarchy, the primary plot line sees the M/C taking to the road to Arizona, where they’ve set up a meeting with the Cartel at the Tucson Bike and Auto Expo. The plan is that the Sons deliver guns to the Cartel, and the Cartel passes along cocaine to the Sons, and each group acts as courier for the other’s illegal goods. This was a good episode, with lots of scenes of motorcycles traveling along desert highways. And, there’s a spectacular explosion along the way as well (which  works to shake off a tail).

The members of Sam Crow meet up with one of their charter clubs, who are helping them out with the exchange. When the two clubs meet up, there is plenty of man hugging and handshaking. The Tucson group’s clubhouse is attractively decorated with more rattlesnake hides than I’ve ever seen in one place before. It turns out that everything is not well with the Tucson club. They’ve started dealing drugs, and that has led to friction within the club. Bobby comments, “Sam Crow went all in with the Cartel. That sends a message to the charters,” effectively blaming Clay’s decision to “mule” for the Cartel for the Tucson club’s decision to go one step further—from muling to dealing. We discover, however, that the Tucson club’s dealing preceded the deal with the Cartel. The larger sense that we get is that the values of the Sons of Anarchy are deteriorating throughout the organization. One sign of that deterioration is the entry into the drug trade. On a more personal level, that is also reflected in Clay’s degenerative illness, which has driven him to push to make money quickly, and which is making it difficult for him to ride his motorcycle. In some ways, this season of Sons of Anarchy reminds me of The Wild Bunch. Like William Holden’s Pike Bishop, Clay is an aging outlaw, one who mounts his bike as painfully as Pike sometimes mounts his horse. Will we see other parallels with The Wild Bunch? Are we headed toward a last stand?

This episode’s man hug count: 3.

Man hug season total: 15.


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