SoA: Fruit for the Crows

Still catching up on episodes of Sons of Anarchy, just now watching last week’s “Fruit for the Crows.” The Sons take a field trip over to the Mayans to check out their cocaine distribution process. Somehow, the process requires three women wearing nothing but thongs and bras measuring out cocaine. I guess there hasn’t been enough gratuitous semi-nudity in recent episodes, so they’re trying to rectify that in this episode: a scene in Lyla’s “work place” also contributes to upping the thong-wearing count for the episode.

While visiting with the Mayans, the Sons get involved in a drive-by shooting, which leads to a nice motorcycle and car chase. Mayan leader Alvarez is wounded in the shooting, and Tara (who has just a received a death threat letter in her car) is called in to use her medical skills. As more evidence of how bad an idea it is for the Sons to get involved in cocaine running, the tracking down of the drive-by shooters leads to violent shootout in an apartment (and results in the death of an innocent woman). Over the past few episodes, dead bodies have been left all over the place, yet no one in the world outside of the motorcycles clubs seems to notice . . . .

Clay gives Juice a man hug, with the required two slaps to end the hug accompanied by an “I love you, son,” from Clay. This was a nice moment in the episode, as Juice has betrayed the club in multiple ways, but Clay rewards him—for finding the lost brick of cocaine (which Juice himself stole), etc. The tears in Juice’s eyes as he receives a new patch and accolades from Clay provide a nice counterpoint to the hug. And I guess this may be the last we see of Juice. I’m not sure about the decision to play a version of “Strange Fruit,” a song inspired by outrage at southern lynchings of black men, over the last part of the episode. Juice, indeed, hangs himself from a tree, but the use of the song here empties it of its politics.

Bobby has had enough—and calls an officer vote, challenging Clay’s leadership in the club.

Alvarez and Clay share several firm handshakes, but there’s no man hugs between them in this episode. Perhaps the series just can’t find a way to include equal amounts of thong-wearing and man-hugging in the same episode. This episode tilts heavily to the thong-wearing.

Man hug episode total: 1

Man hug season total: 17.


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