Sons of Anarchy: “Family Recipe”

In this week’s episode of the Sons of Anarchy, we discover that Juice survived his suicide attempt. A broken branch thwarted his attempt to hang himself. And just as the club is getting set to vote on Bobby’s bid to take over as President from Clay, a hail of bullets disrupts the meeting—yet another drive-by attack related to the cocaine trade, or, the latest battle in the war the Sons have found themselves involved in. As an an added bonus, the shooters leave a bagful of severed heads in the MC’s compound.  One of the heads ends up in the chili pot (“I had to add a few things on my own”) to hide it from the police (who, of course, end up asking for bowls of chili). The headless bodies are delivered at a later time.

Clay’s turn to the dark side in this season gets even darker in this episode.  .  .  .

The  most impressive man hug of the episode (and perhaps the season) was between Opie and Jax. You know it was a meaningful hug because the back/shoulder slaps (two slaps by Jax, two corresponding slaps from Opie) were particularly loud, booming in fact. Perhaps the next step in the Man Hug tally will be to measure the decibel level of the manly back slaps.

Man Hug Episode Total: 2

Man Hug Season Total: 19


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