Sons of Anarchy: Kiss

There is not much accord in the clubhouse these days. In the past couple of episodes, we’ve seen Juice’s suicide attempt, Clay’s murder of the longest tenured member of the club (Piney), and continued turmoil among the members over the drug running issue. Bobby’s not too veiled comments lead Jax to yell at him: “Enough! We voted it in, we play it out. You can’t get behind that, turn in your patch.” And Tara discovers that the incriminating letters have been stolen from her office (by, she believes, her mother-in-law, and she’s partially correct about that).  Gemma discovers Piney’s body and realizes immediately that Clay is the killer.  She enlists the reluctant help of (former) Chief Wayne Unser  in covering up Clay’s involvment—and to find a way stop the “wounded animal” that is Clay from doing further damage.  Gemma and Clay have a nice scene together, talking over the various violent happenings while sitting on a child’s swingset.  As a result, Clay promises her that the killing stops with Piney and that he won’t do anything to Tara. I guess we will see whether or not he keeps that promises.

Man Hugs in the episode: 2

Man Hug season total: 21


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