Sons of Anarchy: “Hands”

In the most recent episode of Sons of Anarchy,  Clay has set in motion his plan to have Tara killed. Things go wrong quickly. Gemma figures out what he’s up to and enlists Wayne to help prevent it. Clay also does not realize that Jax and the children are traveling with Tara, accompanying her to her conference. He tries to stop the hit, but is told that once the hired killer has been set in motion, there’s no stopping.

In the meantime, Jax and Tara are enjoying the vacation—even to the point of offkey singing in the car. After several episodes that have followed the same pattern (the Sons go to a meeting, there’s a driveby shooting, and everybody argues some more about whether or not the club should be running drugs), the plot finally moves forward in this episode. I’ve been finding the past few episodes to be kind of slow moving, covering the same developments in slightly different variations. This episode breaks from the pattern, and it’s a suspenseful engaging episode. Putting Tara in danger is a ready way to build suspense, and she also has an opportunity to demonstrate her resourcefulness in a crisis—no easy kidnap victim, Tara, but her hand is severely injured in the incident, jeopardizing her career as a surgeon.

This is the episode where we see how far over the edge Clay has gone. He is indeed a “wounded animal” (as Wayne called him in an earlier episode) striking out at everyone—including Gemma. By the end of the episode, Gemma comments, “Clay can’t be saved.”

Man hugs in this episode: 3

Man hug season total: 24


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