Sons of Anarchy: Call of Duty

In the last episode of Sons of Anarchy, a fight between Gemma and Clay ended with Clay beating her severely. When Wayne asks her what they’re going to do about Clay at the beginning of “Call of Duty,” the most recent episode,, she tells him, “I’ll take care of it.”  Even Tig has had enough of Clay. “Why are you shutting me out?” he asks Clay, and Clay responds, “Am I married to you, too?”  Tig answers, “In a way, you are.” Clay seems hell-bent on putting an end to all his marriages. By the end of the episode, Tig has returned his ring (or, rather, handed Clay his Sergeant at Arms patch.

Several people have commented that Sons of Anarchy is a “soap opera” for men, and these past two episodes in particular have really seemed to emphasize the soap opera roots—especially because many of the scenes take place at the hospital, that most typical of soap opera settings. That Tara, the surgeon, suffers a hand injury that threatens her career also seems particularly soap operatic. Then Jax’s first wife, and the mother of his first son, shows up in Tara’s hotel room with  flowers (this does not make Tara happy).

The Sons break out the heavy weapons and go after the Cartel, and there’s a major battle scene in this episode, with mined fields and rocket propelled grenades. There’s a very high body count in this episode. Again, bodies are left everywhere, in car trunks, in fields, and I still keep wondering, does anyone ever notice all the bodies piling up around town?

There’s a man hug between Juice and Chibs, who has been counseling Juice after his suicide attempt. As Chibs comments after a fairly long hug with something like 7 or 8 taps, slaps, and pats,  “couple guys hugging in a bathroom.” For those of us who watch Sons of Anarchy for the man hugs, it’s the highlight of the episode.

Man hugs this episode: 1

Man hug season total: 25


One Response to “Sons of Anarchy: Call of Duty”

  1. tim Says:

    Our DVR had a problem and it did not record this one. Does anyone know were I can get it on-line

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