SoA: Burnt and Purged Away

In the most recent episode of Sons of Anarchy, “Burnt and Purged Away,” the Sons have a meeting with the Irish—and, as usual, that results in one thing: man hugs of greeting. The hugs are somewhat restrained (one shoulder slap only), but, two man hugs within the first 5 minutes of the episode, well, that’s usually a good sign. The Irish group is not happy about the SoA’s relationship with the Cartel (and they’re really unhappy that some of their weapons were used in last episode’s pitched battle between the two drug cartels—with the Sons in the midst). The Irish also seem to be involved in running babies as well as guns. And baby peddling is where Jax draws the line.

Ray McKinnon continues to amuse as the oily District Attorney Lincoln Potter. We first see him in this episode in some sort of device that allows him to hang upside down—while smoking a cigarette. At the midpoint of the episode, he seems on top of the world—tipped off as he’s planned by Juice of the meeting place between the Sons and the Irish, and having successfully (or so it seems) suborned Otto.

In the previous episode, Opie discovered Piney’s body—and Wayne revealed to him that Clay was the murderer. Ultimately, this leads to Opie bent on vengeance racing through the night on his motorcycle, followed by Jax . . . driving a hearse. Will Jax get to Opie and time and prevent him from killing Clay?

Man Hugs This Episode: 3

Man Hug Season Total: 28


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