Justified: Season 3 begins

The new season of Justified begins with a promisingly titled (from a western perpsective) episode “The Gunfighter.” Raylan is recovering from the events at the end last season—when he got shot in the side.  The episode has a promising beginning—with Raylan and Boyd Crowder in a fist fight before the opening credits even roll.

With the suicide of Mags Bennett at the end of last season, her marijuana business (and current stock) is up for grabs, and Boyd (with Raylan’s father) has been quick to step in and take control.

Desmond Harrington from Dexter plays Fletcher “The Ice Pick” Nicks, a Chigurh-like hitman. Rather than flipping a coin, he has his own particular game that he likes to play, which is to place his gun between himself and his victim to give him a 50/50 chance. When the victim goes for the gun, Fletcher stabs his hand with an ice pick (which gives him a decided advantage on the odds). He tries this game with Raylan. It doesn’t work out quite the way he planned.

High point of the episode: Ava smacking a recalcitrant Devil in the face with an iron skillet.



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