Justified: “Harlan Roulette”

My three favorite things about the most recent episode of Justified:

1. Dickie Bennett’s hair

Just how many cows have licked that boy’s head?

I was thrilled at the beginning of season two to see that Jeremy Davies had been cast in the role of Dickie Bennett. His performance as Daniel Faraday in Lost was one of my favorite parts of that series. Although none of the rest of the Bennett family made it out of season two of Justified alive, it’s good to see Dickie is still kicking (and still being kicked) around. It’s also good to see the way the actor has really sunk himself into the character. In the second season, Dickie still reminded me at moments of Daniel Faraday. At this point, however, Faraday has completely disappeared from Davies’ performance and he completely embodies the character of Dickie. Although, he looks like a comb hasn’t seen his hair since his last days back on the Island.

2. Shoutouts to In Plain Sight and Breaking Bad

When Raylan visits pawnshop dealer Glen Fogle (ubiquitous actor Pruitt Taylor Vince), he comments that it occurs to him that a pawnshop was a pretty good place for someone who wanted to “hide things in plain sight.” Fogle responds, “I’ll keep that in mind if I ever decide to break bad.”

3. Robert Quarles description of his childhood

Dixie Mafia bigwig Robert Quarles comments: “My father never let us watch Sesame Street or anything like that. He made us watch Taxi Driver.”


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