Justified: Thick as Mud

At the start of the recent episode of Justified, Dewey Crowe wakes up in a motel room bathtub with two deep slashes in his stomach. Renegade medic Lance (who helped Dewey and Dickie escape prison in the previous episode) claims to have removed both Dewey’s kidneys. To get them back, Lance tells Dewey, he must buy them back.

Spoilers follow

What follows is a darkly comic episode as Dewey (“I’m a desperate man”) goes on a crime spree that is notable for the lack of revenue it produces, and which ends up with Dewey trapped in a convenient store storeroom. Some favorite moments from the episode:

Dewey: “You mean I had four kidneys?”

Raylan’s most amazing feat of marksmanship in the series. Drugged and deposited in a bathtub, he manages to shoot the nefarious nurse Layla. She has a gun pointed at him and is about to pull the trigger. Raylan is both drugged and pinned down by the body of Lance (who Layla just shot). Still, he manages to fire his pistol, the bullet travels through Lance’s body, and finds its target in Layla. Both Layla and Raylan seem equally surprised by this outcome.

Meanwhile, things are heating up between Dixie Mafia “carpetbagger” Robert Quarles and Boyd Crowder.


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