Justified: The Man Behind the Curtain

The most recent episode of Justified was interesting in part because of the presence of former Deadwood actors Jim Beaver (Ellsworth on Deadwood, who makes his second appearance on Justified as the character Shelby) and Stephen Tobolowsky (who played Hugo Jarry on Deadwood) as an FBI agent.

Things aren’t going particularly well for any of the characters on Justified, heroes or villains. In the wake of Winona’s departure, Raylan has taken up residence in a rented room above a bar (and isn’t sleeping much as a result). The episode begins with Raylan’s father walking down a dark road yelling for his (dead) wife. Robert Quarles has a visit from his half-brother, and that doesn’t go all that well either. For the first time, the self-assured Quarles looks as if things are starting to spin out of his control.

And things really aren’t going well for Gary Hawkins, Winona’s ex, who has started to remake a life for himself as a peddler of a self-help book for real estate buyers (or maybe con man would be more accurate than peddler), and his new line employment is bad enough, but things really start going downhill when Quarles and Wynn Duffy show up at one of his seminars—and they have plans Gary.


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